Jonesea wetsuits is built upon the endless stoke, creativity, perseverance, and passion Shane enthuses within every component of his life and business. Born in 2013 in Costa Mesa, CA, USA, Shane Jones began Jonesea wetsuits on the basis of his pursuit of preserving the soul of surfing in re-introducing the craft of 100% surfer-made wetsuits.

  • With over fifteen years of experience as a high-end tailor, Shane personally hand-stitches, sews and glues each and every Jonesea wetsuit from start to finish -- guaranteeing a quality and commitment to excellence beyond any other wetsuit out there. Not only does Shane hone his talents in improving the classic black wetsuit -- iconic to each and every lineup within Southern California -- but also unleashes his personal creative vision through the creation of his one-off wetsuits. From Wonder Woman to the Joker to Gerry Lopez’s iconic Lightning Bolt Jacket, Shane has created it all; innovating the potentials of what a wetsuit can be. Additionally, Jonesea wetsuits has had the opportunity to collaborate with well-known high fashion designer, Thom Browne line, been featured in VOGUE and on the Paris runway in 2016 and custom fitting and crafted wetsuits for his surf heroes: the legendary Gerry Lopez, Walter Hoffman, John Peck, LJ Richards, Mickey Munoz, Dale Dobson, Skip Frye, Tyler Hatzikain and Guy Grundy.

  • Behind each and every Jonesea wetsuit is a commitment to ecological mindfulness where, on average, 45 recycled water-bottles go into each full suit. Outside of crafting wetsuits beyond your wildest imagination, what awards Shane the most stoke is giving back to the surfing community through his volunteer efforts with A Walk On Water (“AWOW”), Waves Of Valor and The Mighty Under Dogs (“MUD”). Through his position as a surf instructor with these organizations, Shane has taken his abilities as a surfer and translated it over to provide surf therapy to children with special needs or disabilities and veterans. To help those most in need experience the calming and therapeutic effects of the electrifying, living ocean while showcasing the best of surf culture, is the greatest opportunity Shane gets to be a part of changing his life and the lives of others for the better.

    All suits are hand made to order and the lead time is 6 weeks.