• I am the Neoprene wizard

    Kyle R. 1/2D
    Chris Custom Dive Jacket
    Lance Large Dive jacket
    Pink Lemonade
    Cheetah girl-LA Cheeky
    Giselle-LA cheeky
    Cheetah cub-Razo
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  • Woman's sizing



    Size 2: 4'8-5' @ 85-95 lbs

    chest 30"-32" Hip 30"-32"


    Size 4: 5'-5'4 @100-125 lbs

    Chest 34"-37" Hip 33"-36"


    Size 4T: 5'5-5'8 @115-125 lbs

    Special order

    Chest 32"-36" Hip 32"-35"


    Size 6: 5'6-5'9 @125-140 lbs

    Chest 36"-39" Hip 35"-39"


    Size 6S: 5'4-5'7 125-135 lbs

    Special order


    Size 8: 5'8-5'10 @145-165 lbs

    Chest 39"-43" Hip 39"-42"

    Men's sizing




    Small: 5’5”--5’7” @115-125Lbs

    Chest 30”-33” Waist 25”-29”



    Medium: 5’8--5’11” @ 130-170Lbs

    Chest 34”-39” Waist 30”-33”



    Large: 6’--6’3 @180-205Lbs

    Chest 40”-44” Waist 34’--37”



    X-large: 6’--6’4 @205-225Lbs

    Chest 44”-48” Waist 37”-42”


    6'-6’2” and 230Lbs and over is a custom

  • Shane Jones started Jonesea wetsuits in 2013 after putting in 15 years working for a well-known Orange County wetsuits label. Crafted with the skill set of a high-end tailor all of Jonesea's wetsuits are stitched, sewn, and glued ENTIRELY with shane's two hands out of his Costa Mesa "Creation Station."

    A neoprene kaleidoscope of colors and patterns adjoin his factory and storefront walls filling Shane's imagination.

    Shane's creativity both in and out of the water sets him apart as he routinely crafts one-off wetsuits. Either it be a holiday design or a replica of a famous suits from a specific era (much like he created for the legend, Gerry Lopez--the famous Lighting Bolt jacket), Shane is continually raising the bar for innovation. After over 9,000 wetsuits (and counting)Shane collaborated with well-known high fashion designer Thom Browne line featured in VOGUE and on the Paris runway in 2016.


    What gives Shane the most stoke is custom fitting and crafting wetsuits for his surf heroes--Legends like Gerry Lopez, Walter Hoffman, John Peck, LJ Richards, Mickey Munoz, Dale Dobson, Skip Frye,Tyler Hatzikain and Guy Grundy-- and this list is continually growing.


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